Tuesday 23 October 2012

+ Recording MissingNo

Some very talented friends of mine have formed a band that caters to a bit of a niche market: Instrumental, sometimes-jazz, video game music covers. Their name is MissingNo (http://www.facebook.com/missingnoband). I saw them perform on Friday night, and even though I'm not really into video games and didn't recognize a lot of the pieces, the arrangements and performance were enough to have me thoroughly enjoying the music for its own merits without the added nostalgia value.

This weekend I got to play the part of recording engineer for their a 5-song demo they're putting together. We hit a technology snag with our plans to do multitrack recording and ended up opting for a live mix off the floor. Rhythm section was recorded on Saturday, and I'm heading back into the studio tonight to track the horns. I'll post a link to the final product once it's finished.

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