Sunday 23 December 2012

+ New EP from No Island


Our new digital-only mini-release is here!

The Waiting Game EP is a sample of how No Island's sound developed during 2012, and serves as a teaser for our new full-length album to be recorded in 2013.

This EP is a pay-what-you-can download. If you are unable or unwilling to pay, we are still offering this music freely for you to enjoy and share. If you like what you hear and want to support us in our music-making efforts, you can do one or several of the following things to help us out:

  • You can tell your friends about us, and share our music with them.
  • You can choose to pay what you can for downloading this EP. Whatever you think these 3 songs are worth. Every cent we receive will go towards future recording.
  • You can come see one of our live shows. We would love to meet you and entertain you in person. We usually play in and around Vancouver, BC, but be sure to check our schedule for tour dates (especially in the summer).
  • You can like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, or our blog for updates and bonus content.
  • You can also take the social media thing to the next level and share a link to us and/or our music on there.

Thank you for every little bit of your support, and enjoy the music!

 - No Island

Sunday 16 December 2012

+ December Update

Been pretty busy lately. Here's an update.

Xmas in Skaville show was one hell of an event. Super fun, great energy, awesome performances. It was one of those amazing nights that I continue to live for as a performing musician.

Los Furios is going into the studio again tomorrow with Doug Fury to record a new single, "Bad Waters". We've been playing this song at a few of our shows lately and it's been getting a good response. The Furios also have a big show coming up January 25th at The Rickshaw opening for Chris Murray with Heads Hang Heavy and The Bone Daddies.

The Ivy League Brawlers have a show booked the night after the Rickshaw gig, opening for Jesus Krysler at The Fairview Pub. The Brawlers are also plotting to make some new recordings in the new year. We've been long overdue for this... the band's sound and songwriting have changed a lot since our first album, which was recorded before our new lead singer Anuar and myself joined the band.

And speaking of new recordings, No Island will finally be releasing our new digital mini-EP "The Waiting Game" any day now. This will be our first release since our debut album, and showcases the band's most recent sonic developments while serving as a bit of a teaser for our new full-length album that we will begin recording in the new year.

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Saturday 1 December 2012

+ Xmas in Skaville Double-Bill

My next show is December 8 at the Shark Club in Vancouver with both The Ivy League Brawlers and Los Furios. I played at this 8th incarnation of this show with the Brawlers and the 9th one last year with the Furios, and I'm definitely looking forward to doing another one with both this year. Doors at 9pm!

Facebook event page: