Sunday 14 July 2019

No Island returns to PJ

Of all the shows No Island has performed over the years, our appearances at various Scout Jamborees have always been some of the most memorable. This weekend we had the opportunity to once again rock out in the middle of the forest for the closing ceremonies of the 2019 Pacific Jamboree. What a great way to return to the stage with this band after a couple of years off, and a great first show to play with Rob on bass.

Sunday 23 June 2019

Vancouver Jazz Fest with Space Elevator

What a joy it was to perform with Space Elevator once again. Doing so on the big stage at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival was just an added bonus. The crowd was very receptive, and I had a blast hanging around for the rest of the day to catch all the other amazing artists performing after us including Too Many Zooz from New York.

The band's debut release is now available on Bandcamp for streaming and purchase, as well as Spotify.